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No music is created in a vacuum.  I’d like to take this opportunity to say "thank you” to the people who have encouraged me/helped me (in ways both big and small) along the way:

Jim Scott (No words will ever be adequate to express my thanks for all you’ve done!)

My children:  Raul, Chris, Craig, & Rebecca

Our parents and extended family

Dale Davis

Gene Partlow & Star Dancing

Carol Stern & Bob Foster

Chris Kiefer & Cheryl Weathers

Lance & Gala Burkholder

Members of the Hermosa Beach Artist’s Way Circle (Janet Russell, Jerry & Kathy Allen, Michelle Meraz, Linda Sue Dingel, and Jill Smolinshi.)

Paul & Christine Robertson

Sara Grusky

Marylin Charney

Maureen O’Crean

Abby Rivera

LeRoy Chatfield

Mike Christy

Dave Tanaka

My musical mentors:

Linda Taggart
Frank Javorsek
Devitt Feeley

And, to the people I’ve never met, but who have moved me and inspired me to create:

Nancy Griffith
Stan Rogers
Richard Shindell
Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Bob Dylan
Phil Ochs
Steve Earle
John Prine
Steve Goodman
Kate Wolf
Townes Van Zandt

Sandy Denny
Paul Simon
Lucinda Williams
Gordon Lightfoot
Joan Baez
Judy Collins
Joni Mitchell
Emmylou Harris
Bruce Springsteen
Malvina Reynolds
Lori McKenna
Annie Proulx
and all the unknown songwriters who are up in the middle of the night composing songs...

And, last but not least,

Emma (the wild wiener dog) and Inky (the sweet cat), faithful companions who are always willing to join me for a nap, or spend hours curled up at my feet while I’m writing/playing music or generally goofing off…

Links to some sites/folks we like:

Artist Mike's Website

Distinctively Diva Women's Network

Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor

Farmworker Movement Documentation Project

Ron Leslie's UK Website

Sand Flea Studios

Jim's Financial Help Pages

Peace Corps AIDS Project in Africa

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