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Full Songs:
Brand New Life

Warning: Works in Progress!!!

These recordings are in various stages of completion... some are rough working tracks while others are finished, but I've decided to disregard my usual perfectionist tendencies and post them anyway. As we do more recording, I'll update the audio files periodically.

Seasons Come & Seasons Go
The End of the Line
Room With a View
Closing of the Day
Song Excerpts:
I'm Going to Leave You
The Ticket
Song for a Son
Kansas City Fall
Richard Malotte
Resting Place
The Beauty & the Curse
I Tried
Looking for Love
Mermaids Are Singing
It's Your Life
The Shot Heard 'Round the Block
The Grass is Greener
Nana's Song
When the Wind Calls Your Name
Running in Place
The Middle Ground
The Worst of Me
You Are My Compass
A Hug Ain't the Same (If You Have to Ask)
Wings of Love
Mean Wind
Take the Risk
Loving from Afar
In the Blink of an Eye
The Tail Song
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